The Kilhaney Story

Kilhaney’s Pickles all started out with the passion for the freshest pickles from our own small organic cucumber farm with absolutely no chemicals used. With years of knowledge about what to put into the soil, came out some of the best pickles and produce you can find.  Year after year as the farm grew there was too much produce to keep or give away.  Then, in the summer of 2013, the idea of preservation was used to preserve the crisp one of a kind taste of Kilhaney’s Pickles to share with the world.

Kilhaney’s Pickles will never lower our standards and will always use the best all natural ingredients and produce we can find.  With large companies using chemicals and bad produce to make their pickles, we feel it is our job to inform you how bad the chemicals they use are for you, but also to show you what a real pickle is supposed to look and taste like. We source everything from the jar to the cucumbers as local as we can get it which in return it gives us a better product but also keeps jobs here in America.  Our number one goal at Kilhaney’s is to make you the best pickles you can find anywhere; after all, the proof is in the jar.

Who we are.

Kyle ZackHead briner
Steve DeBeusDesign and Marketing